Weight Lifting Myths

Thinking about weight lifting but not sure if that is the right choice for you considering all the myths that you may have heard?

Today we will review most common misconceptions about weight lifting so you can decide if that is for you or not.

Fitness Tip: Common Weight Lifting Myth Review

The number one weight lifting myth when talking to people is their response- I don’t want to bulk up! If you have tried to gain muscle in the past, then you know that it is HARD work. You have to eat right, protein rich meals, drink supplements and really push yourself when you are lifting. Rest assured unless you want to pursue this option, it will not be a problem during your weight loss journey.

Another common weight lifting myth is being associated with weight gain. While that is true, you can build some muscle and thus gain some weight, you also must realize that you will lose fat. Consider additional benefits on building muscle such as ability to burn more calories, speed up your metabolism just to name a couple. The weight gain because of lifting weights is not totally true.

Next up… what if I do light load and more reps, will that give me long, lean muscles? Well, not exactly! See you have to find out your optimum weight first so you max out your set around 12 to 15 reps. You can do super light weights and hardly have any benefit from lifting. While lighter weights are more appropriate for toning, we consider this weight lifting myth- BUSTED!

Is this Fitness Tip: Common Weight Lifting Myth Review making sense so far?

Good because we are not quite done yet. Next up is the concern that I see from younger athletes, if I hit the gym, I will lose speed. That is so not true. If anything you will build more speed, agility, endurance and recovery. Unless you are training for a body building contest, this will not be a concern.

So next weight lifting myth is a little strange. People think that the only way to get stronger is to pump more iron. Not true, the amount of reps is important as well as speed. You can slow down the motion and thus exhausting your muscles much faster with a lighter weight so you would not have to go super heavy. Don’t believe me… try this real quick- do a push-up at a much slower rate. Go down on a count to 10 and then back up again on the count to 10. Feel free to comment below if you actually tried it!

And the last but not least weight lifting myth is… drum roll… when I stop lifting weights my muscles will just turn into fat. Well that is not possible at all because those are two distinct types of tissue. Sure over time muscle will lose tone and you may put back some of the flab that you lost, but this one is busted as well.

Fitness Tip: Common Weight Lifting Myth Review

So there you go some insights of weight lifting myths and hopefully that makes sense. If you would like to know the Top 5 reasons why you should consider lifting, check you my article here:

5 Reasons To Lift Weights

Were those six tips helpful? What other tips might YOU have for improving your weight lifting experience? Feel free to comment below and also share this with anyone who may want to increase the way they think about fitness.

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