Improve Your NutritionSo you are curious to learn simple steps to improve your nutrition? Awesome, this will help you understand that good nutrition really holds no secrets, but let’s face it, you need to know some basic facts.

This article should help you learn a few simple steps that you can incorporate in your daily routine immediately.

What Are The Simple Steps To Improve Your Nutrition?

Glad you asked… Nutrition is Important Because you will have:

  • Healthier Body
  • More Energy
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Perhaps A Weight Loss just to mention a few key points

Let’s start with a good nutrition tip: Stay away from low carb or no carb diets. Period. Our bodies need the carbs to turn them into energy and you may feel fatigue if you cut back or eliminate them all together. There is a thing such as good carbs and bad carbs and learning which is which is more important than eliminating them all together.

Good carbs are complex, digest slowly, are high in fiber, makes you feel full longer, has natural sugar and low insulin levels. As I said, they are good source of energy and may even help with the weight loss if that is your goal. Some examples of good carbs are: sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain bread and pasta, fruits and beans. By no means this is a complete list, but will give you a good idea.

As for the bad carbs, they are quite the opposite of the good carbs. Examples: white bread, white rice, potatoes, corn, soft drinks, cereals and foods containing refined sugars.

The key here is still to monitor even good carb intake levels (basically watch your portion sizes). What I have found to work the best for me from the serving standpoint is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the cup 3 times per day.

Next simple good nutrition step is to eat breakfast.

If you are like me and just are not hungry in the morning, try to eat some fruit or even better some oatmeal with fruit. This will give you some energy to start your day right. Otherwise it can lead to overeating later on which sooner or later will result with the weight gain. It is really no different than putting gas in your car when you run on empty, so why would you attempt to run your body on “E”?

Eating breakfast may also cut down the craving for sugar and unhealthy fats while your tank is running empty.

Next simple step to improve your nutrition is to eat smaller meals but more frequently and yes… snacking between the meals is OK, depending what the snack choice is. For example a bag of chips would not be a good choice while a handful of nuts or almonds would do just fine. Yogurt is another one of my favorite choices.

Also, make a point to add more fiber, veggies and fruit to your daily food intake. Our bodies need all basic food category nutrition: carbs, protein, healthy fats, fruit, and vegetables. Fiber rich foods will make you feel full for longer and also promotes a healthy digestive system while also may cut down your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

If you are trying to change the household eating habits, especially if you have children, then just telling them what they need to eat is not enough. You have to lead by example because they will do as you do NOT as you say.

Now that you have learned some very simple steps to improve your nutrition, the question really is… what are you going to do with this information? Will it be just another source of information that you read and place it on your bookshelf to collect the dust, OR will you finally take some action and implement because it is not all that hard to do.

Be persistent and follow these steps daily to improve your health. You will see results, but you have to keep going! With some tweaking you will find some new recipes to try or just simply search online. After all, that is exactly how you found this article.

What other Nutritional Habits to Improve Health may you have?? Feel free to comment!

Feel free to read about my fitness journey here: About Robert

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Robert Lapins

Robert Lapins

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