Setting Fitness GoalsAre you worried about setting fitness goals? Well… should you have goals when you are just starting out or leave them for more advanced levels?

There are many questions about setting fitness goals but you should first understand what importance it may play and then decide for yourself to set them or not!

Should You Worry About Setting Fitness Goals Or Not?

To answer this question, you really need to ask yourself if there is a specific objective that you would like to accomplish and follow through? Are you trying to pass the time or do you wish to get something out of it? I guess what I am trying to say… it all depends on you.

But to help you out, I will share the beginning of my fitness journey. It all started when I realized that my pants are not fitting properly, was getting sick all the time, no energy… you know the things that you may be experiencing! I knew that I had to do something and that is what I did… SOMETHING. I started my fitness journey without setting fitness goals, I just wanted the results!

Heck, I didn’t even know how to set workout goals what could be realistic goals to achieve and what would not be. My thought was to do something that would improve my condition. I only wish that I had some sort of realistic fitness goals examples, but I did not. So long story short, I was working out on average five times per week, but my nutrition did not get much better. After a few months, I started to question is this worth it, am I doing the right things, what the heck? As you can imagine, I was not getting the results…! This is the breaking point where most people just give up. But I did not (and I am thankful that I kept going)!

The real breakthrough came when I really sat down and thought about what am I trying to accomplish. I was not happy with the lack of results, but then again, I did not know what I wanted to achieve. I had not set any smart goals for fitness at all. So how can you expect to get results without setting fitness goals to strive for? Let me just break it down for you and make it real simple No Goals= No Results! In reality, the last sentence could have answered the question that this post is intending to do.

Did this help you change your mind about setting fitness goals?

I sure hope so. Take a short cut and learn from my mistakes. Maybe this will help you understand that you need to have some targets to reach for or maybe it will not. At the end of the day, it is totally up to you. My advice is to set the goals and be specific. Try to imagine what would it feel like achieving them, what would you do, who would you see. Mindset plays a huge role in achieving your dreams. Try to act as if you had already achieved your goals and you will be there in not time. Whatever you do… DO NOT GIVE UP!

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Setting Fitness Goals

Setting Fitness Goals

Let’s CRUSH 2016 and your Health and Fitness Goals!Did you enjoy our Health and Exercise tips? I hope so, and if you found value feel free to visit EliteFitnessResults Enter your name and email and I will send you my full book “29 Tips To Kick Start Your Health and Fitness Journey”. But remember, you should always set Realistic Fitness Goals to be able to achieve them and keep on track!

What other great fitness tips might YOU have for Should You Worry About Setting Fitness Goals Or Not?? Feel free to comment below and also share this with anyone who may want to improve the way they think about health and fitness goals. Achieving fitness goals may seem challenging at times, but setting smart fitness goals help for sure!

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Robert Lapins

Robert Lapins

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