Smart NutritionNo doubt nutrition, especially smart nutrition, plays a significant role in your fitness journey. Sometimes we just simply forget how important nutrition really is.

Let me share some thoughts and tips that may help you get smarter about your nutrition and help you reach your goals faster and be healthier.

What Are The Secrets To Smart Nutrition?

The secrets to smart nutrition could help you accelerate the results that you have set for your fitness journey. Although I have to admit, when I was starting my fitness journey, I didn’t have understanding even on basic nutrition needs. The outcome was not favorable as I was not getting the results that I wanted, but at least I took action to start exercising. Then, I quickly realized that I need to work smarter and not harder and started educating myself on foods that I should eat and the ones I should not, how much I should eat and so on. My conclusion was that exercise was really the easy part, but nutrition and eating properly was not.

I wanted to share with you some things you should consider eating while working on your fitness goals. Today’s information I learned  from the Time magazine and the list of foods was super simple that I decided to share this with you and hopefully help you!

So Are You Ready To Learn Smart Nutrition And Foods You Should Eat?

Alright, great! First smart nutrition tip is to eat pork tenderloin. Are you surprised about this? Tenderloin is as lean as chicken and is a great source of Vitamins B and Zinc. Just a reminder here, that you should always cook pork thoroughly to kill any bacteria and pay attention to your serving size. About 3 ounces is all you need.

Do you drink coffee in the morning? Awesome if you do, because there are some health benefits (providing you skip the sugar and cream). It was a difficult transition for me to exclude the yummy stuff in my coffee, but after while it becomes the new standard! So why is coffee good for you? Within moderation (less than 5 cups per day), it may lower your risk of heart disease.

Do you like sweets? The smart nutrition tip was to consume natural candy- strawberries. If you eat 3 or more servings per week (which are 1/2 cup), it may lower your risk of heart attack. How powerful is that? Also keep in mind that strawberries are high in filling fiber and Vitamin C, which could potentially help you eating less!

Smart nutrition

Smart nutrition

Next on the list are olives. I have been using olive oil for my cooking needs for quite some time, but not a big fan of olives. But if you are, feel free to enjoy these. They are full of healthy fat, antioxidants and probiotics. Moderation is needed when snacking, but certainly do enjoy!

Smart nutrition tip that made a list… drink a glass of  red wine. Only one per day (about 6 fluid oz), and no you cannot save them through out the week to drink 7 on the weekend in one setting. That is not how it works. Drinking wine may help you with HDL cholesterol levels, help you get better sleep and even lower risk of stroke. Bottoms UP!

Are You Enjoying These Smart Nutrition Tips? Will This Help With Your Fitness Journey?

I hope so. It helps to know what to do and why (at least I think so)! So we are about half way here, so let’s take a look at the remaining five smart nutrition tips.

Have you stopped eating eggs due to concerns over high cholesterol? Eggs’ yolk helps your body absorb fat-soluble nutrients and also help protect against oxidative stress and inflammation. Eggs are safe for heart healthy diet, but be sure to mix up your breakfast choices.

Next smart nutrition tip is to eat blueberries. Suggested serving size is about 1 cup per day. Eating more blueberries may help you with high blood pressure problems as well as lowered plaque buildup as it is considered a blood vessel relaxant. And the best part, they are so delicious, so don’t be shy.

Our bodies need omega 3 fatty acids and one of the better foods for this are sardines. In addition, sardines are a good source of B12 Vitamins which are critical for keeping nerve and blood cells healthy. The smart nutrition tip here is to get sardines that are packed in olive oil so you get double the benefit as olives are on the list above!

Next smart nutrition tip is for those who are looking for a good non meat protein. The choice here is to consider tofu. Tofu is a great filling  ingredient which is also considered to be heart-healthy.

And the last thing on the list is… walnuts. Walnuts may help you with bad cholesterol problems if consumed consistently over  a period of time and are rich in fiber.

I am sure that your independent research of each item may reveal more benefits than listed here, but at least you will have a good idea where to start.

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Smart Nutrition

Smart Nutrition

What other Basic Nutrition Tips may you have for Secrets To Smart Nutrition? Feel free to comment below and also share this with anyone who may want to improve the way they think about nutrition and need help with their fitness journey. There are many ways to start exercising, but the bottom line is you have to START!

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Robert Lapins

Robert Lapins

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