Office Fitness TipsAre you short on time to squeeze in exercise to address your health and fitness goals?

You are not alone! But we have some easy Office Tips of the Day giving you ideas of what you can do if you work in the office environment!

Want To Know Some Creative Office Fitness Tips You Can Easily Do?

Do you think that the normal office setting work day can be effectively used to get some exercise done? I’m not talking about a full blown workout here, but for sure enough to burn some extra calories and over time even visual results.

Either you sit at your desk or in front of a computer, one thing for sure is that lack of movement will not help you attack your health and fitness goals. But, you can get creative and perhaps squeeze in a short workout over your lunch break. But there are some additional benefits as well if you choose to do this besides the health and fitness goals. Exercising during the work day may improve your mental alertness, your attitude and even performance.

So What Creative Office Fitness Tips Are Available To You?

Well quite simply there are a few options. You can do some light cardio work by claiming a few stairs up and down. This will also work on your leg muscles. You can adjust your pace faster or slower based on your current physical condition and abilities.

Another easy office fitness tips is to do some push ups. Working your chest and arms as well as holding your core tight will give you an effective workout for sure. But… wait, I don’t want to get on the floor with my dress clothes…! Totally get it and understand. But the question back to you is are you looking for a way in or a way out? See, for example if your desk is somewhat sturdy, you could put your arms on the edge and still do push ups without even coming close to the floor. Then you could move your arms more to align with the shoulder width and now the push ups will be concentrated on your triceps. So there ya go!

If you would like to work on them abs, you could simply sit in your chair, lean back a little, lift your feet about six inches from the ground and then bring your knees to your chest. Do that for a few reps or as much as you can.

Another great daily fitness tip would be to do simple squats. No thrills here just super effective exercise. See it is not that hard if you put your mind to it. With a little creativity, you can use your time wisely while at the office. But whatever you do… do not forget the importance of setting fitness goals!

Health and Fitness goals

Health and Fitness goals

What Are Some Health and Fitness Goals that you have been trying to reach?

What other tips might YOU have for Creative Office Fitness Tips You Can Easily Do? Feel free to comment below and also share this with anyone who may want to improve the way they think about health and fitness goals. Achieving health and fitness goals may seem challenging at times, but I hope that our Fitness Tips of the Day will help you out!

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Robert Lapins

Robert Lapins

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