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For many of us the intimidation of going to the gym is holding us back from achieving desired results to live a healthier lifestyle. But WHY is that?

Today’s fitness tip will help you overcome your fear and change the way you think about going to the gym.

What Should You Do If You Are Self-Conscious About Going To The Gym?

You are not alone if you feel intimidated going to the gym. This is quite common when people are starting on their fitness journey. But what could you do?

For our weight loss tip, remember a couple of things… One is the fact that everybody was a beginner at one time or another. When you see people at the gym that look strong, fit and have built up some muscle, just keep in mind that they had to start somewhere. Maybe they were self-conscious at the beginning of their fitness journey? Who knows?!

Second point is that most people in the gym are focused on themselves and their routines and are trying to get a good workout, so chances are, they may not even notice you. So what are you afraid of? If for some reason they do notice you, it could be just a quick glance acknowledging the fact that you are occupying a certain space within the gym and not necessarily paying attention to what you are up to.

It is self doubt and fear that is creating this self-conscious feeling within you that everybody may be watching you and perhaps even laughing at you. But that is not the case unless of course you are attracting this attention by trying to be the clown in the room and doing some silly stuff.

The best way to get past your fear is to focus on what you are doing for the day and show up the next day to do it again and again until it becomes comfortable. See, working out at the gym is not that bad after all.

What else could you do if that is not helping and you just cannot stand going to the gym?

Well, you could try other exercises such as walking and running, riding a bicycle. As long as you keep active and burn calories, you are working towards your fitness success. Another great idea, and time saver is to check out some of the at home workout DVD’s. They have really good programs out there and some of them don’t require any equipment. You just use your body for resistance while doing push-ups and squats, cardio and other routines. Quite honestly, at home workouts may not be for everyone but are my favorite due to effectiveness and the time savings.

I hope that you find our fitness tip of the day useful and remember… you are making this change for you, so do whatever it takes and add some exercise to your life! As long as you have Motivation to Lose Weight and Exercise, you will be well on your way!

What other Health and Fitness Tips might YOU have for What Should You Do If You Are Self-Conscious About Going To The Gym? Feel free to comment below and also share this with anyone who may want to improve the way they think about health and fitness. Achieving fitness goals may seem challenging at times, but daily fitness tips sure help!

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Robert Lapins

Robert Lapins

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