Fitness GoalsAre you having difficulties reaching your fitness goals although you may be exercising and eating clean, and you think you’re doing everything right, but still not seeing the results that you expect?

I will share some tips that may help you out and could be the problem that is holding you back.

Why Do You Think You Are Struggling Reaching Your Fitness Goals?

All right, so let’s just take a step back and start from the beginning. Before you started your fitness journey, did you have a clear understanding in your mind of why are you doing it, why at that specific time you started? See, having the mental projection and the reasons clearly defined help, help you push … push you through on the days that you may not feel like working out or having a slump with your nutrition. When you want to reach for the burger or pizza instead of the salad, you need to have that clear, clear picture in your mind. Why? Why did you start?

For me, here recently, I was getting in shape to go on a cruise. I just wanted to look good. That was the reason. I hadn’t worked out in about 3 to 4 months, and that is why I started. But anyway, getting back to the topic here, so have you established your why before you started? If not, it’s not too late. Go back. Sit down. Figure out why. Why do you want to do this? More specifically, why at this time?

Fitness Goals And Mindset Tip #2

Did you set any fitness goals, or did you approach it from the standpoint, “I’m going to work out. I’m going to eat better in hopes to lose some weight?” But then, after some time, let’s say week 2, maybe 3, you step on a scale, and then you just get disappointed because you’re not meeting your expectations. However, if you had not set any goals, what expectation were you trying to meet? Those are two very important things that you should consider during any type of journey or any type of a task that you’re trying to accomplish, #1- why and #2- set the goal.

Fitness Goals And Mindset Tip #3

Let me share my third tip with you, and this may help you out the most. What is your mindset? How are you approaching your tasks? Are you thinking about the positive outcome, where you want to be, or are you focusing on the hardship and on the journey that’s in front of you? See, to be more successful with your fitness journey, you basically need to visualize yourself “as if”, as if you have already accomplished that goal and let that person who you want to be drive the actions that you need to take today. Does that make sense? Let me repeat that.

You need to start seeing yourself as if you have already achieved your goals, and let that person drive the actions that you need to take today. The positive mindset will help you keep on track, and it will help you push harder during the exercises, and it is most certainly the better way of looking at things.

What other tips for Changing Mindset for Weight Loss may you have?? Feel free to comment!

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Robert Lapins

Robert Lapins

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