Exercise ExcusesDo you ever find talking yourself out of things that you should do and making any exercise excuse that you can think of just to avoid your routine for the day?

Let’s take a look at the most common Excuses Not to Exercise and some things that you could do about it!

Exercise Excuse No. 1: ‘I’m Too Tired.’

Your body makes feel-good hormones (endorphins), “and you’re getting the circulation going,” says Marisa Brunett, a certified athletic trainer in Orlando, Fla

Having an exercise buddy keeps you accountable as well, says Boston psychologist Eric Endlich, PhD. If you know someone is expecting you to be there, you may be more likely to show up for your workout.

It may help to work out in the morning before your day gets away from you, says kinesiologist Lynette Craft, PhD. Not a morning person? No problem. Do it whenever you feel best, says Brunett, who likes to work out in the middle or at the end of the day.

Exercise Excuse No. 2: ‘I Just Don’t Like to Move.’.

Figure out why.
Is it that you don’t like getting sweaty? Or try a low-sweat activity, like gentle types of yoga.

Friends and family can then say, “Hey, you did 15 minutes yesterday. Great job”!

If you’re self-conscious about your weight, you could start by walking with friends, working out in the privacy of your home, or exercising with a trainer who’s supportive. Wear clothes that feel comfortable.

Exercise Excuse No. 3: ‘I’ve Tried Before.’.

Set goals that are realistic and small. You’re more likely to feel like a success, not a failure, Brunett says.”When mom or dad is more fit, has more energy, the whole family benefits,” says psychologist Christina Recascino, PhD.

Exercising in water is easier on your joints.The stronger your muscles get, the more they can support your joints and the less you’ll hurt. If your physical limitations are more serious, check with your doctor, or find an athletic trainer who can help you figure out exercises that are easy and still safe to do.

Exercise Excuse No. 4: ‘Exercise Is Boring.’.

Try inline dancing, skating, or gardening. Or go dancing. “There’s an exercise for everyone,” Recascino says.

Get some friends to go with you, or join a group. And every once in a while, try something totally new. “Mix it up so you don’t get bored,” Brunett says.

If it makes exercise more enjoyable for you, it’s OK to watch TV or read while you’re on the exercise bike or treadmill, as long as your workout is still challenging.

Exercise Excuse No. 5: ‘I Don’t Have Time.’.

You could break up your workout into shorter sessions if you don’t have a long stretch of time. Some activity is better than none. We tend to find time for things we value! How much television do you watch? If you watch any, then really it comes down to the choices that you are making. Healthy or Lazy, fit and strong or weak and sick… I can go on and on here but the choice is yours. Get off your butt and invest in yourself and your health. But if you just absolutely must… During your shows, you could use resistance bands for strength training, or walk in place. You could also record your shows and watch them later, skipping the ads; use that time to exercise.

Exercise Excuse No. 6: ‘I Don’t Get a Break From the Kids.’.

Fitness Journey

Fitness Journey

“Take the kids with you,” Hill says. While they’re playing, you can walk around the playground, or jump rope nearby. During their sports or games practices, walk briskly around the field.

Go biking with your kids, put up a badminton net in your yard, sign up as a family for “fun runs,” or just walk around the neighborhood with your children. When the weather’s bad, try active video games like “Dance Dance Revolution,” “Wii Sport,” and “Wii Fit.”.

Are You Ready To Change Your Fitness Journey Course Yet?

What other exercise excuses may you have for Most Common Exercise Excuses Revealed? Feel free to comment! There are many ways to start exercising, but… you have to START! Do you like our Fitness Journey Quotes? Should we keep posting them?

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Robert Lapins

Robert Lapins

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