Early Morning Exercise

This interesting topic, if you should eat something before early morning exercise or not, deserves a discussion as view points vary greatly.

Are you currently eating something before morning exercise? How does it make you feel? Because when it comes down to it really depends on YOU and the goals that you are trying to achieve.

Should You Eat Before Morning Exercise?

To fully answer this question, you will have to try a few things to find out what works for you. There is no right or wrong answer, but let’s review some options.

If you are trying to build your physique, then you should definitely eat before your morning exercise. If you skip the breakfast, you may experience protein breakdown in your muscles which will have negative impact in reaching your goals.

With that being said, if you are doing early morning exercise for weight loss, feel free to skip that meal before your routine. It is quite possible to increase your calorie burn by up to 30% because the body has to use fat stores for fuel. But keep an eye on how you feel. If you get sluggish or feel tired, you may want to consider eating something before your morning exercise.

My favorite early morning exercise food is a combo of carbs, protein and fat, for example this could be: oatmeal with fruit and a handful of nuts. This will give you some energy to survive more aggressive morning exercise.

Additional Suggestion, Should You Eat Before Morning Exercise

Either you choose to eat or not before your morning exercise is totally up to you. However one thing to remember is to drink plenty of water. Have some before your morning exercise, during and after.

Hope this helps to solve the mystery: Should You Eat Before Morning Exercise!

For some additional resources and benefits of early morning exercise, feel free to check out this article!

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