Fitness JourneyWhether you’re following a regular exercise routine or are just starting out (or for the very first time in a very long time) or simply refocusing your efforts, here are a few of my preferred suggestions on exactly what to remember as you begin your fitness journey.

When you’re feeling exhausted or bad-tempered or frustrated or hungry, these tips will help you stick with it.

What To Do When Challenges Arise On Your Fitness Journey

Starting out on the right path with your fitness journey can be challenging. If you have done it in the past, then you may remember some of the challenges that you were facing, it not, no big deal… but these tips may help you if you are looking for answers or simply to have a better start.

When you are feeling hungry, eat for the body that you want, not the one that you have. So what does that mean? Eat foods that are healthy, you know the ones you skipped before. But let me help you out as well and share what NOT to do…

Health Tip: Do not eliminate all your preferred foods.

If your diet is really bad, a lot of stuff you like might have to go. The other 20 % of the time, don’t stress about it. One cookie or one beer, isn’t going to be your downfall.

Schedule your exercises on the calendar and follow the plan. However if you do fall of the bus, then do NOT wait till Monday to begin once more if you miss out on an exercise.

Health Tip: If you missed a workout because of sickness or travel or you just didn’t feel like doing it, don’t worry. Just get back to it.

If you manage to skip a few days (and that sometimes happens for one reason or another), return to you exercise routine as soon as possible. Do NOT beat yourself up, seem like you have actually failed, or wait up until the next day/week/month to begin over.

Health Tip: Just get right back on track.

You’re on a fitness journey and along the way, there are going to be a few misses. If you pick yourself right back up and keep going, you’ll get there.

When you starting out, it is important to log your weight, your measurements, and take your pictures. However do NOT Go nuts over exactly what you see.

Health Tip: When you take down all this information again (we usually recommend taking them every 30 days), you’ll see how much you’ve changed.

It is important because your weight is NOT the ultimate measure to track your progress and here is WHY: Your weight can fluctuate every day based on how much sodium you consumed the day before, how much you sweated during your workout, whether you went to the bathroom, what time of the month it is, etc. If you’re the type who could get discouraged from seeing your weight go up a pound or two (or more) in 24 hours, then I recommend weighing in approximately the same time each week.

Do You Want To Learn A Few More Health Tip To Overcome Challenges In Your Fitness Journey?

Fitness Journey

Fitness Journey

So you may not feel all that comfortable starting out. Muscles will be hurting, exercise routine may seem like a lot of work, not used to sweating excessively, you know all the things that indicate that you are taking the right steps towards achieving results in your fitness journey. However do NOT Press yourself to the point of injury.

Health Tip: Whenever I start a new fitness program, I assume I’m going to be sore for the first two weeks.

“Don’t go 100 % on day one, just ramp things up each day based on how you feel. If you pick yourself right back up and keep going, you’ll get there.

Anticipate that you will be more hungry and possibly a little bad-tempered in the start. But do NOT Fall back into old bad routines.

Health Tip: Prepare to feel a little out of sorts– you might be hungry, you might feel sore, you might be a little grumpy in response– and it’s more likely you’ll have an easier transition into your new lifestyle.

Normally soreness and hunger go hand in hand! The right time and the right food will minimize your desire to over eat.”

Strategize your meals and arrange your kitchen area. Nutrition will play a huge role in your fitness journey but do NOT wait till the next day of to figure it out.

Health Tip: By preparing your meals, you make it much easier to eat much healthier due to the fact that you do not need to consider it every day. You simply get your breakfast and/or your lunch and go.

Share your fitness journey story and what you’re doing and discover individuals who will keep you responsible. But remember that no matter what you do, there will always be some haters that will try to keep you where you are at. Do NOT Pay attention to the haters!

Health Tip: If you share what you’re doing with those around you, there’s a greater likelihood you’ll succeed because you’re creating a social support system that you’re accountable to.

They have their reasons for doing so (usually the reasons stem from jealousy or fear), so just stay positive and reach out to your support system when you need help.

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What other Information About Nutrition and Health may you have for What To Do When Challenges Arise On Your Fitness Journey? Feel free to comment below and also share these 10 Good Health Tips with anyone who may want to start their fitness journey but are feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. There are many ways to start exercising, but Understanding Nutrition and Health is half of the battle, the other half is… you have to START! Do you like our Fitness Journey Quotes? Comment below!

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Robert Lapins

Robert Lapins

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