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Robert Lapins

I help Busy Parents achieve Health and Fitness Results, Break Bad Habits, Inspire, Motivate and Coach!

Growing up, I was a very active child all the way through High School graduation. I played ice hockey at a competitive level, which required me to be in the best physical shape possible on and off the ice with intensive training accordingly. Did you play any sports or had a dream to make it big time… you know, become a professional and earn living doing what you love?

Unfortunately, my dreams of becoming a professional hockey player were shattered with injuries, especially my lower back. Then life took unexpected turns and I soon became a husband and a father of my oldest son- Ryan. I only hope that you had a chance to follow your dream path you had envisioned, as things can change very quickly!

All of the sudden, my life had changed very fast from what I used to know, to earning a responsibility of providing for my family, and you guessed it, not by playing hockey. I was lost and had to find a job in a hurry, which I did. It was not my dream job by any means; working long hours, overtime, travel- let’s just say much less that what I had imagined. Did you have an opportunity to land your first dream job or did you find yourself fighting for survival?

Well, there I was… a new life, new responsibilities and my passion for fitness and dreams of becoming a hockey player GONE! There was not much personal time available and even less chances of getting some ice time and staying fit. At some point, I found myself working two jobs, just to keep our heads above the water. If you’ve ever been in this type of situation before, then you have a pretty good idea of what was going on!

A few years later my youngest son, Austin was born, which followed by a divorce two more years down the road. I found myself in a position of being a single, full time dad of two wonderful boys. I had also worked my way up the corporate ladder and no longer had to work two jobs but… new position came with new challenges. As a Sales Engineer, I started spending much more time either behind the desk or traveling. Can you guess what new challenges that presented?

Well, it is very challenging to be a single parent while traveling! I’m not saying impossible, because we did it so I am sure you could too if you find yourself in a similar situation. However second issue was that I gained weight due to lack of activity and poor nutrition; was getting sick all the time opposed to when I was exercising and playing hockey. My built up immune system started to fail me.

I was challenged by the lack of my abilities to prepare healthy meals and I was desperately searching for a way to improve our lives. If you struggle with this, I know how you feel because I felt the same way. But what I found, changed our lives forever! Instead of being intimidated by proper nutrition, now I’m excited about it! I found the answer that I had been searching for in a very simple to follow system that also came with the most delicious, superfood-packed protein shake on the planet!

Learning to prepare easy, healthy meals in the right portions and drinking shakes gave us the nutrients and daily vegetable servings that our bodies were missing. Yes, that is right, my children follow my footsteps and they simply LOVE IT!!!! My junk food cravings were reduced, energy levels went through the roof and best part of it all- I managed to lose 20 pounds by adding an exercise routine to this DELICIOUS shake and easy to follow nutrition tips with portion control system. And the results…. AMAZING (take a look!)

With some help and proper tools, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I am still exercising on daily basis because I do not wish to be in the situation that I was in before. Trust me… it is much easier to keep going versus starting all over. All it takes is a shake a day, 30 minute workout at the comfort of my home (by the way, that is the BIGGEST time saver for me) and some basic understanding of nutrition and portion control. Do you have 30 minutes available per day? Do you want to know what I am doing? Great, feel free to email me and talk to you soon!

Robert Lapins

Robert Lapins

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