Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Today is a special edition of tips to lose belly fat.  It shares basic principles that should be considered to achieve desired results. Have you been struggling in this area?

7 Useful Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Before we begin, I want you to understand that it will take some time and consistency to achieve results. There is no magic wand that can be waived to lose belly fat overnight. But then again, it also took some time to accumulate this unwanted side effect of our choices.

First, you have to decide if you will be doing any kind of exercise or not. For faster results, we do recommend considering any fitness related activity. It could be as simple as starting to walk or jog or even hitting the gym. However, keep in mind that more aggressive workouts require less time to complete and may yield better results.

The next tip to lose belly fat may seem kind of weird, but cannot be overlooked: Get More Sleep. Lack of sleep can aid to some undesirable feelings such as stress and it even may boost production of the hunger hormone. Just in case, you should be getting about seven to eight hours of sleep per night. If you struggle with sleep, check out the article I wrote the other day:


If you do get stressed during the work day or at home, try chewing some gum. This is much better alternative than turning to food. Theory is that chewing may relieve tension and increase blood flow to the brain. I use this quite a bit and seems to be working great!

The next tip to lose belly fat may also seem a little strange, but give it a shot. Go for a Power Walk right after eating. Theory is that a short, 15 minute walk could help reduce the blood sugar spikes that occur after meals.

Nutrition can be a challenge on its own, but some changes should be made. Do you know how many calories you intake per day? It may need to be specifically adjusted for each individual and if you are struggling, feel free to comment and I will help you out. In general, the target should be around 1,800 calories per day. Tip to lose belly fat fast here is to watch and control carb intake- targeting 43% and 18% for protein and 39% for fat respectively.

Another good tip to lose belly fat is to eat Dairy products. Consider drinking milk, eating yogurt and cheese just don’t get carried away. They do add to the calorie targets. Calcium and other healthy compounds in dairy help the body burn fat faster. If you can’t do dairy, consider vitamins or even Orange juice.

Are you ready for the last tip to lose belly fat?

Well here it is… and you may LIKE this one if you are a wine drinker. That’s right, one glass of red wine per day can help you lose belly fat and is much better for you than let’s say three glasses once a week. But all kidding aside, the ellagic acids in red wine can help you burn fat.

There you go, hope you find ideas here to implement and help you achieve results with the reference of

Our 7 Useful Tips To Lose Belly Fat

If you want some additional resources or tips to lose belly fat fast, click here:

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Robert Lapins
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